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thermal actuatorsGeneral Purpose Freeze Prevention Products:

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Frozen Pipe Prevention

frost damage

Frozen pipes will burst due to the internal expansion caused by freezing liquid. These internal pressures can easily crack pipes causing massive damage. Installing a simple valve into your system will provide you peace of mind, knowing that you will be immune to freeze damage. As the ambient temperature drops the valve detects this shift and opens causing fluid to flow; purging at risk fluid to a drain line in your system will keep warmer fluid in critical areas preventing freeze. More

Damaged Pipe Elimination

damaged pipes

Prevent freeze damage by installing a simple non-electric freeze protection valve. The valves used for protection do not require batteries, or any electricity; they simply work via thermal expansion/contraction. These valves can be left in remote locations where reliability is critical. The agricultural industry utilizes these types of worry free valves often as no they require no power source, have a high reliability factor, and are simple to install. More

Affordable Solutions

freeze protection

Repairing damage caused by a frozen pipe can be very expensive and time consuming. Install a simple and affordable freeze protection valve and eliminate the potential of expensive repairs, and possibly earn an insurance discount. More

Simple Installation

control valve

Installation of our freeze protection valves is as easy as it gets. Simply screw this valve into a female fitting and you are all set. The valve senses ambient temperature naturally and will open and close as needed to prevent system freezing. More